Apex Legends Player Discovers Little-Known Alter Animation


  • An Apex Legends player shared an animation for Alter that most players will miss while playing as her.
  • Alter’s unique abilities and personality make her popular in Season 21, while her mysterious backstory, which is connected to Horizon, has intrigued players.
  • After Alter uses a finisher on an enemy, she can be seen skipping away, adding a bit of personality to the character.

An Apex Legends player has shared an animation for the legend Alter that some fans didn’t yet know about. Alter was introduced in Apex Legends in Season 21: Upheaval and quickly became one of the most popular and useful characters in the game. Most of the legends in Apex, especially new ones, have unique animations that are randomly triggered while playing. These animations add a certain level of depth to the game as they reflect the legends’ characters.

Though it’s a little hard for beginners to fully utilize the legend, Alter’s introduction was quite useful for intermediate to expert level players. Alter’s abilities include void use, which reached new heights with her unique way of utilizing it, even though similar abilities were already in the game, thanks to Wraith and Ash. This quickly made Alter become one of the best character choices in Apex Legends Season 21. Her Passive, almost like a personal mini version of Loba’s loot-focused Ult, is also pretty useful in dire situations.


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Recently, a player on the Apex Legends subreddit with the handle octane2fast posted a clip showing the unique animation for Alter that they found pretty amusing. The animation is triggered after Alter uses her finisher on a knocked down enemy. The clip shows that after the finisher is over, Alter starts skipping joyfully instead of just walking like a normal legend. She also says “Waa, got some serious chills from that one” while skipping. While legends like Pathfinder feel sorry after a kill, this dialogue and the skipping motion further shows Apex Legends‘ Alter’s destructive personality.

Apex Legends Has an Interesting Animation for Alter

The animation featured in the post isn’t anything new in the game. It has been there since Alter’s debut in Apex Legends. Players can’t really see the animation in-game if they’re using Alter because it’s a first-person game. However, teammates and other players can see it as clear as daylight. Luckily, in the training ground, there’s an option to use a third-person perspective, which allowed the Redditor to witness Alters’ skipping motion. This villainous personality, coupled with her unique abilities, have made Alter become part of the Apex meta pretty quickly.

Alter’s backstory hasn’t been fully revealed yet and from her characteristics, it’s evident that she is not very willing to disclose any personal story soon. Or in real world terms, it seems like EA will keep teasing it for some time, slowly revealing bits and pieces. However, it is confirmed that Alter’s backstory in Apex is tied to Horizon’s, but no one quite knows how. On top of that, EA and Respawn made the character quite an unreliable narrator, which adds to the confusion. Though Apex Legends fans do not know whether she’s telling the truth or just throwing witty lines, they surely know that she’s up to no good.


Apex Legends

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February 4, 2019


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