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Apple’s F1 new details: first trailer, budget dispute, IMAX runtime

Apple has already started the marketing machine for its first attempt at a summer blockbuster. Set to release in theaters next June, the Apple original F1 released a poster last week and now the first trailer has dropped alongside a variety of new tidbits about the film.

First trailer for Apple’s F1

F1 stars Brad Pitt and was directed by Joseph Kosinki, whose last big hit was Top Gun: Maverick. The debut trailer for F1 gives a taste of what to expect.

Although F1 will arrive exclusively on Apple TV+ after its theatrical run, this trailer makes clear that a theatrical experience will be far and away the best way to see it.

Alongside the release of the trailer, director Kosinki and F1’s producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, were interviewed by Deadline’s Stewart Clarke. The interview revealed several interesting new details.

Budget number dispute

Regarding the film’s reported budget, which some say has ballooned to a massive $300 million:

It’s completely, unfortunately, tens of millions of dollars out of whack in the wrong direction, and in the right direction for us.


We can’t give you a number because that’s Apple’s money and they can talk about it. But what I think you can say is it’s quite a bit lower than what’s been reported.

Custom cameras designed exclusively for F1

F1 was shot with real actors driving real vehicles around real tracks. To capture the action, new custom cameras were required:

We have bespoke cameras for this that are very small and light so that they don’t impede the performance of the car too much and that’s key because you don’t want to have a race car and then put 200 pounds of gear on it. Our camera mounts were designed with Mercedes as well. The cameras are specially designed by Sony.

It’s the next generation from what we did on Top Gun. Everything is much smaller and the big innovation that is that we’re now able to control the movement of the cameras on the cars.

IMAX runtime

The film is noteworthy for shooting much of its action in the IMAX format, similar to what director Christopher Nolan likes to do with his films. Kosinki revealed just how much IMAX-specific footage to expect:

It’s shot for the big screen will have an IMAX version that has over an hour in full IMAX, you know, full-screen format, so you’ll get that expanded picture. We’ve always approached it as a theatrical film. As for when and where it appears downstream, I think that’s still to be determined, but the only way you’ll be able to see it when it first comes out is in theaters.

9to5Mac’s Take

It’s a long way until next June’s release date, but F1 truly seems like a different kind of movie for Apple. It’s not designed for Oscar contention (though Apple will undoubtedly promote it during awards season), and it’s not a low-budget indie simply to boost the Apple TV+ catalog. Instead, this is a true summer blockbuster in the works, designed for box office success.

We’ll have to wait another year to see if it can achieve that success.

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