BTS: Jin recalls treating fellow soldiers to fried chicken and pizza

South Korean boy band BTS’ eldest member Jin, was discharged from the military last month, coinciding the septet’s 11th debut anniversary. In an interview with Weverse magazine, the ‘worldwide handsome’ got candid about his time serving the nation and his camaraderie with fellow soldiers. This included him treating them with good meals. He also shared how they cried on his departure. 

Jin said, “A lot of them were just turning 19 and never even had a job before, but I’m a lot more financially stable, so I’d say, `You gotta eat well to stay healthy. Come on, I’ll treat you,` and pay for their food. I bought them so much fried chicken, jokbal, and pizza, that later on they got sick of them. I even took people from other barracks out to have a barbecue. Sometimes the guys would joke around and say, `Sergeant Kim, did you do anything other than sleep today?` And then I’d say, `What barracks are you from? I was gonna buy you dinner tonight, but not anymore. You’re not coming with me!` Then they’d say, `Sorry, sir!` We just goofed around like that, and I’d buy them all dinner anyway.”

Jin further revealed that the ‘whole barracks was in tears’ on the day he was discharged. He added, “People don’t always cry, obviously, but they do when the good seniors leave”. Albeit he humbled himself and said that it wasn’t more about being a good senior on his part but for the fact that he was popular. 

Upon his discharge, Jin hugged 1000 lucky fans as a part of his meet and greet session. It was the biggest highlight of the FESTA celebrations in June. 

Meanwhile, Jin is expected to carry the torch for the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics. This prestigious event will see South Korea sending approximately 142 athletes to compete in 21 sports such as badminton, taekwondo, archery, and fencing among others. As per reports, Jin will travel to France for this honour and will be joined by 11000 torchbearers including astronauts, prominent athletes, Holocaust survivors, and relatives of victims of the Nice terror attack and others. The Paris Olympics 2024 will start on July 26 and conclude on August 11.




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