BTS’s Jin Hilariously Pokes Fun At J-Hope As He Counts Down To Military Discharge

His message! 🤣

Jin loves teasing his fellow BTS members, including J-Hope!

BTS’s Jin and J-Hope | @jin/Instagram

Jin was the first BTS member to both enlist and discharge from the military. He was officially discharged on June 12.

| X Sports News

J-Hope is the next member to follow in his footsteps, enlisting in the military only a few months after him.

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

His discharge date of October 17 is coming soon! With only 100 days to go, J-Hope posted a celebratory Instagram story that says “D-100.”

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

You can always count on Jin to say something sassy! He posted on Weverse and told J-Hope how the closer you get to your discharge date, the longer each day feels.

Hey Hope-ah, I heard you only have 100 days left

From that moment on, each day [feels like it] is increased by 48 hours LOL for real

— Jin

| Weverse

As expected from BTS’s jokester!

However, the same sentiment applies to ARMYs: The closer each member is to their military discharge date, the slower time seems to go. We will be counting down the days for J-Hope’s return!

Screenshot 2024-07-09 105258
| @uarmyhope/Instagram


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