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Cultural Summer 2024: JazzUP and ArtUP, sensory concerts, underwater art, and memorable experiences across the country

The Cultural Association CultART announces an exceptional cultural summer under the umbrella of the concept festivals JazzUP and ArtUP. Between July 8 and September 5, CultART initiates a series of events designed to celebrate and democratize access to culture, and to promote fine arts and music in an authentic, innovative, and effervescent manner, creating a remarkable mix between the local and international cultural scene.


JazzUP and ArtUP will be present in various iconic locations in Romania, particularly in Constanța, Constanța County, Tulcea, Brașov, Brașov County, and Bucharest, offering the public remarkable, completely free artistic experiences. Among the unique experiences is an exhibition organized below the level of the Black Sea, where a series of paintings by the famous artist Nicolae Grigorescu and others will be displayed underwater, or a sensory concert.

“JazzUP and ArtUP are more than just festivals; they represent our vision regarding access to art and culture. We aimed to create bridges between artists and the public through these two concepts, wanting to place the local cultural scene on the international map. Access to culture and creating a real framework for its materialization is essential for developing a vibrant and prosperous society. This year, we continue our efforts to create a strong artistic community, to offer and open new horizons for talented young people while delighting the public with lively moments beyond the everyday,” says Valentin-Ștefan Ștefăniță, president of the Cultural Association CultArt and founder of the two concepts.

Democratizing the local cultural scene and integrating the international scene 

JazzUP and ArtUP enrich the cultural landscape through an effervescent mix of local and international scenes, thus creating a unified dimension that transforms Romania into an artistic attraction hub. 

JazzUP brings to the stage both established artists and talented young people. With its authenticity and spontaneity, jazz represents an effervescent and lively lifestyle, a way of living as authentically as possible. The performances offered on the JazzUP stages range from classic jazz to fusion and improvisation, culminating in sensory concerts. 

On the other hand, ArtUP is a celebration of visual arts, transforming public spaces into art galleries open to the public.

The Artistic Marathon Offered by the Cultural Association CultArt 

  • ArtUP – Street Art (July 8-28) – Constanța 

A unique exhibition on the Constanța Casino promenade, with works displayed both on land and underwater, promoting the world’s largest exhibition of the painter Nicolae Grigorescu hosted by the Constanța Art Museum. Visitors can admire the great artist’s works in a spectacular underwater setting or while strolling along the promenade in front of the famous Constanța Casino. 

  • JazzUp Sea Fest (July 17-21, 2024) – Constanța 

Plaja Gaia, the Art Museum, the National Bank, Casa cu Lei, the Constanța Casino: a marathon of concerts and cultural activities that will transform the city into a true cultural hub. The series of events includes the JazzUp Young, JazzUp Sea Fest, and JazzUp Session modules, with live concerts and performances in the five iconic locations. On the JazzUP Sea Fest stage, artists such as Eliza Puchianu, Cristina Radu, Joco Orosz-Pal, AmbienTales, AmphiTrio, and Sabin Penea, who will play on his Gagliano violin valued at 850,000 euros, bringing a note of elegance and exceptional artistic value to the festival, will perform.

  • JazzUp Sea Fest on Tour (July 23-28, 2024) – Constanța County and Tulcea 

The Murfatlar Cultural Center, Histria Citadel, Castru Roman Ovidiu, Ion Dobre Park Năvodari, Ovidiu Square Constanța, or Cinemascop Garden Eforie Sud: events designed to bring music and art closer to local communities. 

  • JazzUp Young on Tour (August 9-11, 2024) – Brașov 

An event dedicated to children, offering a unique platform for musical education, mentorship, and artistic development. It includes interactive workshops, mentorship sessions with established artists, and live performance opportunities designed to inspire and cultivate the new generation of artists. The Cultural Association CultART provides over 40 musical instruments, from ¼ violins for the little ones to pianos, thus offering a wide range of musical experiences for all participants. 

  • JazzUp Peak Fest (August 21-25, 2024) – Brașov 

Concerts and activities in symbolic locations in Brașov, including Artegianale, the National Bank of Romania, Mediterra, or Sfatului Square. The event combines classic and modern jazz performances with improvisation sessions, offering the public a unique and captivating musical experience. 

  • JazzUp Young & Kids (September 7-8, 2024) – Bucharest 

An event specially dedicated to children and parents, full of educational and musical activities. 

Therefore, the JazzUP and ArtUP festivals are unique opportunities to explore, admire, and actively participate in an artistic marathon that will transform Romania into a cultural attraction hub. More information about events, programs, and locations can be found at

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