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Decorum Vending Completes Upgrade Across Travel Sector with Cantaloupe’s Cashless Payment Terminals

As more transportation hubs offer vending options, Decorum Vending has completed an expansion upgrade of 630 vending machines to Cantaloupe card readers, with the majority of machines located in train stations and other travel sectors. (Photo: Business Wire)

Decorum’s Move to Cantaloupe’s Card Readers Streamlines Operational Efficiency and Enhances Customer Service for Travelers

LONDON, July 09, 2024–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cantaloupe, Inc. (Nasdaq: CTLP), a global leading provider of end-to-end technology solutions for self-service commerce, is proud to announce that Decorum Vending, a premier vending operator in the UK, has completed its expansion upgrade of 630 vending machines to Cantaloupe card readers, with the majority of machines located in train stations and other travel sectors. The deployment includes both Cantaloupe’s P66 contactless payment device, along with the P100, Cantaloupe’s digital screen card reader that accepts both contactless and contact payments. This strategic move transitions Cantaloupe, Inc., as the sole provider for cashless payment solutions for Decorum Vending, facilitating seamless integration with Decorum’s Vending Management System (VMS) and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

“Decorum’s confidence in Cantaloupe’s products and services underscores our commitment to expanding and supporting our international clients in the UK, building trust outside of our core North American market,” said Jeff Dumbrell, chief revenue officer of Cantaloupe, Inc. “By delivering reliable, seamless integration and exceptional customer service, we’ve been able to show Decorum and other potential UK-based clients that Cantaloupe can strengthen our position as a disruptive force in the market for cashless payment solutions.”

One of the stand-out features Cantaloupe was able to offer was seamless integration with Televend and Vendo machines, which has enabled Decorum to manage machine performance, track basket sales and drive convenience on their UK routes. The reliability of Cantaloupe’s system was crucial for Decorum to maintain continuous service without any disruptions, which is essential for customer retention and satisfaction. On average a UK route traveler has three minutes to complete a purchase at a train station or transit hub, so speed and efficiency in a payment system was paramount to Decorum. Cantaloupe’s unique capability to support basket vends allowing customers to purchase multiple items in one transaction, was also a driving force for Decorum’s move to Cantaloupe, as it significantly enhances the customer’s overall experience.

“Partnering with Cantaloupe not only streamlined our operations but also significantly enhanced our bottom line,” noted Declan Sewell, managing director with Decorum Vending. “The seamless integration and reliability of Cantaloupe’s systems made everything just work effortlessly. Another major factor was the supportive relationship we’ve developed with the Cantaloupe team. It’s not just about the financial savings — it’s about partnering with a service provider who genuinely enhances our operations and makes doing business a pleasure.”

Cantaloupe was also able to improve settlement times for Decorum Vending, enhancing operational efficiency and financial management. Cantaloupe’s advanced cashless devices also simplify the refund process, allowing for single-item refunds within a basket transaction. This feature, combined with better performance tracking of each vending machine, provides superior customer service and operational transparency.

Shaun Burger, managing director of EMEA at Cantaloupe, Inc., stated, “Our advanced technology significantly boosts profitability and efficiency for our clients. With Cantaloupe’s flexible payment and telemetry solutions, Decorum has notably improved its day-to-day operations and customer service. We’re proud to support their commitment to superior service and driving key metrics for their business to stay competitive in the UK market.”

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