Ford unveils new Capri EV with 400-mi range and sports car speed

The newest all-electric Ford is finally here. Ford introduced its Capri EV on Wednesday, a revival of a legend. The new all-electric Ford Capri features up to 390 miles (627 km) WLTP driving range and sports car-like performance.

Ford teased its newest electric vehicle several times leading up to its debut, claiming a “legend” is being revived.

We had an idea it would be the Capri after Ford’s social media post last week showed a man trying to plug an EV charger into a Capri 2.8 Injection’s gas cap. On the windshield, the phrase “The legend is back” with today’s date, Jul 10, 2024.

Ford officially unveiled the Capri EV Wednesday, its second all-electric vehicle based on Volkswagen’s MEB platform.

The Capri EV follows Ford’s electric Explorer, which began rolling off the assembly line last month at its Cologne EV plant in Germany. In 2020, Ford partnered with VW to use its platform to spearhead its electric vehicle strategy in Europe.

We are finally getting our first look at Ford’s new all-electric sports crossover 38 years after the iconic gas-powered Capri was taken off the market.

Ford’s new all-electric Capri EV (Source: Ford)

Meet the new Ford Capri EV

Ford’s new “C.A.P.R.I.” is Cool, Athletic, Past meets Future (a cult classic), Rebellious to its core, and boasts Intelligent technology.

The “soulful” electric sports coupe SUV is built for the whole family. It will “inject some would into the world of EVs,” according to Ford.

Ford’s new all-electric Capri EV (Source: Ford)

The reborn Capri EV features up to 390 miles (627 km) WLTP driving range. Powered by a 335 hp AWD powertrain, the same as used for VW’s GTX models, the electric SUV coupe can sprint from 0 to 62 mph (0 to 100 km/h) in 5.3 seconds.

It can also fast charge (10% to 80%) in around 26 minutes to get you back on the road. With up to 527 liters of luggage space and a foldable boot floor, the Capri EV has enough room for the whole family.

Ford’s new all-electric Capri EV luggage space (Source: Ford)

“The new all-electric Capri is exactly how the iconic sports coupe would have evolved had it stayed in production,” according to Ford.

A legend reborn

For those unfamiliar with the Capri, it was essentially Ford’s take on the Mustang for Europe. After launching in 1969, the Capri was a smash hit, selling over 400,000 models in its first two years.

You can see design influences from the icon, including its signature four headlamps connected by a black horizontal grille.

Ford’s new Capri EV (Source: Ford)

The electric Capri is more aerodynamic, with a sleek coupe-like roofline. Black window pillars were added to give it a sports car-like feel. Ford included other elements like a four-piece taillamp and rear graphic stretching across the back.

Inside, the five-seater features a minimalist design that’s loaded with Ford’s latest tech and connectivity.

Ford Capri EV interior (Source: Ford)

The interior includes an adjustable 14.6″ infotainment screen, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support, a wrap-around cockpit, and sculpted sports seats.

Ford’s new EV is available in two trims: Capri and Capri Premium. The RWD Capri EV, powered by a 77 kWh battery, has up to 390 miles (627 km) WLTP driving range and 282 hp.

Inside Ford’s new all-electric Capri EV (Source: Ford)

Meanwhile, the Capri Premium, powered by a 79 kWh battery and AWD powertrain, gets up to 368 mi (592 km) range. With up to 335 hp (250 kW), the AWD model can sprint from 0 to 62 mph (0 to 100 km/h) in 5.3 secs.

Ford included 12 ultrasonic sensors, five cameras, and three radar devices to support driver assist functions like driver alerts and evasive steering assist.

Inside Ford’s new all-electric Capri EV (Source: Ford)

At 4,634 mm long, 2,063 mm wide, and 1,626 mm tall, the new Ford Capri EV is similar to VW’s ID.5 (4,599 mm long, 1,852 mm wide, 1,603 mm tall). You can also see a Polestar-like design from the side.

Ford’s new electric coupe SUV will follow the Explorer EV into production at its Cologne EV plant shortly.

Ford’s new all-electric Capri EV (Source: Ford)

Although Ford has yet to officially reveal prices, the EV is expected to cost more than the electric Explorer, starting at around $50,000 (47,000 euros) in Europe.

What do you guys think of Ford’s new all-electric Capri? Would you buy one in the US? Let us know in the comments.

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