Jammu Set To Host First Ever Miss Universe J&K On Aug 10

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Jammu, July 11: The prestigious Miss Universe pageant is making its debut in Jammu and Kashmir, a landmark event that celebrates the legacy of iconic winners such as Sushmita Sen, Lara Dutta, and Harnaaz Sandhu.

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The event is organised by Sana Dua, former Miss India and the first and only Miss India from J&K.
Sana is renowned for her extraordinary work through the years has taken up the mantle of State Director for Miss Universe Jammu and Kashmir.
“The grand event will take place on August 10 at Vivanta Jammu City Centre. Participants from across the region will gather to compete, and one extraordinary woman will earn the opportunity to represent Jammu and Kashmir at Miss Universe India,” Dua told reporters here at a press conference.
She said that this year’s pageant is particularly inclusive, allowing married, single, divorced, and separated women over 18, with no upper age limit, to participate.
Miss Universe India Director, Nikhil Anand, who joined the pre-launch event here, expressed enthusiasm for the initiative.
“The Miss Universe J&K pageant is a significant step towards inclusivity and representation. I am thrilled to see the talent and potential that this region has to offer.”
Having trained over 10,000 women and launched numerous careers in the modelling and beauty pageant industries, Sana Dua is a pivotal figure in bringing this transformative event to the state.
Vivanta Jammu City Centre, the official venue partner, hosted the pre-launch event where Nikhil Anand and Sana Dua kicked off registrations and announced the final event date.
The hotel is proud to support this initiative that aims to uplift and showcase the incredible talent of Jammu and Kashmir’s women.
This groundbreaking event promises to be a significant milestone for Jammu and Kashmir, providing a platform for women to express themselves, gain recognition, and pursue their dreams. “The Miss Universe Jammu and Kashmir pageant is set to inspire and empower, bringing the region into the spotlight for its talent and potential,” said Dua. (Agencies)

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