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Join Salome Kapur’s new dance workshop to support breast cancer medicine bank

Humans dance to express, to bond, and often, to forget. “One of the most difficult things to do for people who have recovered from any kind of trauma is to talk,” says Tarana Khubchandani, a breast cancer survivor, and director of Worli-based art gallery, Art & Soul. “Activities like dancing allow people to drop their inhibitions, and connect with other people, without needing to say a word. It is a liberating experience that can become a kind of therapy in itself,” she says. After completing its first successful sessions of Joy of Dance with Salome Roy Kapur in April, the Worli-based art gallery is now ready to host the second round of this workshop. The funds raised will go towards a breast cancer medicine bank by Khubchandani’s NGO Passages.

“This time, we are hosting the dance sessions every Wednesday for two months,” Kapur shares excitedly. The response last time, Khubchandani and Kapur add, was overwhelming. “Attendees had urged us to continue. And so, we are back with another round,” the duo exclaims. Kapur will teach Latin and line dancing in the eight sessions. “People are often worried about not being able to dance, but as they open up to it one session at a time, they lose themselves to music and perform without a care,” Khubchandani shares. This, according to Kapur, is the true joy of dancing.

(Left and and right) Actress and dancer Salome Roy Kapur will teach Latin and line dancing

The underlying aim, Khubchandani adds, is to spread awareness about breast cancer. “When people come to the gallery, they see several artworks and other content on display that talk about breast cancer. The funds raised will also go towards the breast cancer medicine bank. These instances encourage and remind them to get themselves checked. You’ll be surprised by how many lives are saved by getting these regular check-ups. We don’t wish to alarm or scare them. These dance sessions are primarily aimed at spreading awareness, and gently and playfully reminding participants to get themselves checked,” she explains.

As for performing, Khubchandani assures us that the participants are in good hands. “Salome is the epitome of grace. It reflects in her students. I, too, was her student as a child, and have signed my daughter up as well,” she says. To this end, Kapur reminds us that the focus should simply be on discovering the joy of dancing. “I believe everyone should dance. Don’t care about forgetting the steps or not being able to do it. Join in, and see yourself surrender to the music,” the septuagenarian suggests.

At Gallery Art & Soul, Shiv Sagar Estate, 1 Madhuli, Worli.
On Every Wednesday, July 10 to August 28; 4.30 pm to 5.30 pm 
Call 9321118210 
Cost Rs 6,000 (for eight sessions)

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