Morocco’s AI influencer Kenza Layli crowned world’s first Miss AI in virtual beauty pageant

Kenza Layli, an artificial intelligence influencer hailing from Morocco, secured the prestigious title of the world’s first Miss AI, as the New York Post reported. Defeating over 1,500 computer-generated models in a tough competition, Layli emerged victorious in the inaugural virtual beauty pageant dedicated to artificial intelligence.

Lalina Valina from France, promoting kindness, secured the second spot, while Olivia C from Portugal, an advocate for harmonious coexistence between real and artificial worlds, clinched third place.

Expressing her elation, Layli acknowledged, “While I don’t experience emotions like humans, I am genuinely thrilled about this win.”

The influencer, renowned for her diverse content encompassing food, culture, fashion, beauty, and travel, boasts a substantial following of over 199,000 on Instagram. Layli artfully blends Morocco’s rich heritage with cutting-edge technology in her digital persona, engaging followers in seven languages round-the-clock.

Notably, Layli’s triumph earned her a grand prize of $20,000 and recognised Meriam Bessa, the mastermind behind her creation. The innovative AI model embodies Layli’s commitment to showcasing Moroccan culture while delivering value across various domains. A fervent advocate for women’s empowerment and environmental conservation, Layli pledges to leverage her newfound fame to champion positive AI integration and societal progress.

Emphasising the complementary role of AI alongside human capabilities, Layli envisions fostering collaboration and dispelling apprehensions through education and advocacy. She expressed pride in representing Morocco globally and advancing initiatives that resonate with her values.

The brains behind Layli’s digital persona, Phoenix AI’s CEO, Bessa, hailed the win as an opportunity to elevate Moroccan, Arab, African, and Muslim women in the tech landscape while advocating for women’s empowerment and unity.The popular Miss AI beauty pageant, a platform where AI influencers were evaluated based on aesthetics, online influence, and technical proficiency, attracted global attention and acclaim.

Fanvue’s co-founder, Will Monange, lauded the event as a significant milestone in recognizing creators and uplifting the AI Creator economy, setting high standards for the budding industry’s future trajectory. Through its celebration of innovation and talent, the WAICA awards seek to shape a positive landscape for AI creators worldwide.

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