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In an era where losing personal items can cause undue stress and inconvenience, Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio has come out with “JioTag Air”, a sleek and efficient solution to keep track of your valuables. This small, versatile item tracker can be attached to items prone to misplacing and losing, such as keys, ID cards, wallets, purses, luggage, and even pets. For our tech savvy readers, you can think of JioTag Air as a home-grown alternative to Apple’s AirTag.

JioTag Air: A versatile tracker for all users

JioTag Air offers compatibility with both Apple and Android ecosystems, catering to a broad range of users. Apple users can pair JioTag Air with the Apple Find My app, allowing the device to send a continuous, secure Bluetooth signal detectable by nearby devices in the Find My network, including iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

This network of millions of Apple devices worldwide ensures that the JioTag Air can be located anywhere on the globe, with its location updated in real-time on the Find My app.

short article insert Android users, on the other hand, can leverage the JioThings App to track their tagged items. The JioThings community find network is rapidly expanding as more devices come under the JioThings umbrella, including JioMotive, JioTag, JioBook, LTE Smartwatches, and other upcoming IoT products, Jio says. This growing network ensures that the reach and effectiveness of JioTag Air’s tracking capabilities will continue to improve.

JioTag Air: Key features and benefits

  1. Seamless tracking: Users can attach the JioTag Air to any item and track it using either the Apple Find My app or the JioThings App, depending on their device.
  2. Global coverage: Apple users benefit from the extensive Find My network, which utilises millions of Apple devices worldwide to help locate lost items.
  3. Community support: The JioThings App allows Android users to tap into a growing network of Jio devices, enhancing remote tracking capabilities.
  4. Easy sharing: Apple users can share their tagged items with other Apple users, enabling multiple people to track and find the item.
  5. Loud sound alert: A loud sound ranging from 90-120 dB helps easily locate tagged items nearby.
  6. Disconnection alerts: Users receive alerts if the tagged item is left behind, allowing for quick retrieval.
  7. Lost Mode: Lost Mode on the Find My app automatically notifies users when a lost item is detected within the network.
  8. Extra battery and lanyard cable: JioTag Air comes with an extra battery and lanyard cable, unlike Apple’s AirTag.

JioTag Air: Practical usage and convenience

When a JioTag Air tagged item is far away, users can follow the directions to the last updated location via the Find My app. Once within Bluetooth range, the JioTag Air will automatically connect to the user’s phone, and the Play Sound feature can be activated to easily find and retrieve the item.

JioTag Air: Not the first item tracker from Jio

The JioTag Air is actually the second item tracker from Jio. It’s a follow-up to last year’s JioTag. The biggest update is the support for Apple’s Find My network allowing the tracker to connect and work with more devices amplifying its scope and scale. The new tracker supports Bluetooth 5.3 (the JioTag had Bluetooth 5.2) and is significantly cheaper, too.

JioTag Air: Price, availability

The JioTag Air is priced at Rs 1,499 (against an MRP of Rs 2,999) and is available to buy across Jio’s website, JioMart, Reliance Digital, and Amazon India.

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