Mumbai: 64-year-old man kills his elderly mother due to sleep disturbance

Annoyed by the disturbance to his sleep, a 64-year-old man tragically killed his 78-year-old mother with a vegetable-cutting knife. The shocking incident occurred on Grant Road in the early hours of Tuesday.

The accused, identified as Subhash Punjaji Wagh (64), allegedly killed his elderly mother, Ramabai Naththu Pisal (78).

According to police sources, Pisal often had difficulty sleeping due to her old age and would engage in household chores during the night. This frequently disturbed Wagh`s sleep, leading to numerous quarrels between them.

On the night of the incident, Pisal`s activities once again woke up her son. In a fit of rage, Wagh attacked her with a vegetable-cutting knife. Pisal was seriously injured and died on the spot.

After committing the crime, Wagh went to his nephew and niece-in-law in the next room and informed them about the incident. They immediately contacted the police, said an officer from DB Marg police station.

During the investigation, it was discovered that the deceased Pisal had been married twice and had four children from each marriage. Both of her husbands and three of her sons had passed away.

Wagh, who was married but had been abandoned by his wife, lived in a small house with his mother. Pisal`s grandson lived with his wife in another part of the house.

Pisal owned a vegetable stall on Grant Road, which she had rented out for Rs 12,000 monthly. This rental income supported their household, as Wagh was unemployed.

We have conducted the Panchnama and sent the body for autopsy, registered a case under BNS Act 103(1), and arrested Wagh. Further investigation is underway, added the officer.

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