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RBI cautions banks against ‘lakhs of accounts’ used for fraudulent transactions, evergreening | Business News

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Tuesday cautioned banks against having “lakhs of accounts” used for fraudulent transactions and evergreening of loan accounts.

“We found certain banks having lakhs of such accounts with apparently no valid reason. Some of these accounts were also used as a conduit for certain fraudulent transactions and ever-greening of loan accounts. Internal accounts are high risk in nature on account of its potential for misuse,” RBI Deputy Governor Swaminathan J said at a Conference of statutory auditors and chief financial officers of commercial banks and financial institutions.

“I would also urge CFOs to invest in technology and data analytics which would empower them to provide more accurate and real-time financial insights. This not only aids in strategic decision-making but also enhances the ability to respond swiftly to any issues identified during audits or supervisory reviews,” he said.

“I therefore request the CFOs to have them rationalised completely, bring them down to the essential minimum and exercise greater control through periodical reconciliation and a proper reporting to ACB,” Swaminathan said.

The CFOs must protect the integrity of the financial reporting by guarding against any misadventure or intelligent interpretation of regulations or accounting standards, he said. “I would urge the CFOs to have an eye for detail and an honest and transparent communication with the MD & CEO and the rest of the top management. You should also keep alive the channel of escalation to the Chair of the Audit Committee of the Board (ACB), if a higher level of guidance is needed in any matter,” he said.

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“CFOs to maintain open and honest communication channels with auditors and bank supervisors. It is imperative to eschew the notion of hiding, withholding, or providing incomplete information to these teams,” Swaminathan said.

“Transparency is key; by sharing comprehensive and accurate data, CFOs not only facilitate a smoother audit and supervision process but also reinforce the bank’s commitment to integrity and compliance. This collaboration builds trust, ensures regulatory adherence, and ultimately contributes to the financial stability and reputation of the institution,” he said.

“CFOs should conduct thorough root cause analyses of any deficiencies observed during audits or supervisory reviews,” he said. “Rather than implementing short-term fixes, understanding and addressing the underlying causes of these issues ensures that compliance is sustained over the long term. This approach helps prevent the recurrence of problems and strengthens the overall governance and control environment of the bank,” Swaminathan said.

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