Sonos Arc 2 Dolby Atmos soundbar photos and details leak, and it’s got exciting next-gen speaker tech

Following a leak late last year that Sonos is developing a successor to its ultra-premium Sonos Arc soundbar codenamed ‘Lasso’ we’ve had another more recent leak courtesy of The Verge that reveals images of the new speaker, and reaffirms that it might boast some high-end audio tech when it drops.

Right off the bat, Lasso doesn’t look to have any serious changes from what users got with the original Arc in terms of design; it’s a long black plastic-encased sound system with a single HDMI port and an Ethernet port to offer this Wi-Fi enabled speaker a more reliable internet connection.

The back of the Sonos Lasso (Image credit: The Verge)

That said, one interesting detail is the addition of a button with a Bluetooth logo above it suggesting the Lasso will support Bluetooth audio playback – something we haven’t seen before from a Sonos soundbar. Additionally, there’s a physical switch for enabling or disabling the built-in mic if you want to feel a little more confident that the smart speaker isn’t listening to you.

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