5 mins ago

    Dozens killed as Palestinians flee Israel’s new offensive on Khan Younis | Israel-Palestine conflict News

    At least 70 Palestinians have been killed and more than 200 wounded in Israel’s latest assault…
    7 mins ago

    Eco Survey pegs India GDP growth at 6.5-7 pc – Kashmir Reader

    Backs Chinese investment New Delhi: The government’s pre-Budget Economic Survey on Monday set a conservative…
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    14 mins ago

    Abhinav Bindra awarded Olympic Order by IOC for outstanding services to Olympic Movement | Paris Olympics 2024 News

    NEW DELHI: Indian shooting legend Abhinav Bindra has been awarded the Olympic Order by the…
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    26 mins ago

    ‘I don’t support democrats but … ‘: Kangana Ranaut calls out sexist memes against Kamala Harris | India News

    Actor-politician Kangana Ranaut called out the netizens for misogynistic memes on US vice president Kamala…
    37 mins ago

    Kamala Harris lauds Biden’s legacy in first address since his exit from the race

    U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris lauded President Joe Biden’s accomplishments in her first public appearance…
    37 mins ago

    21 Asst Professors Awaiting Adjustments Posted In Degree Colleges

    JAMMU, July 22: The Higher Education Department (HED) has ordered the…
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    52 mins ago

    After Chandipura virus deaths in Gujarat, Maharashtra health dept issues guidelines | Mumbai News

    With the neighbouring Gujarat reporting 16 deaths due to Chandipura virus, the Public Health Department…
    1 hour ago

    MoE Reveals Over 170 Outsourced Staff at NTA; Ensures Question Paper Preparation Remains In-House

    NEW DELHI: On Monday, the Ministry of Education (MoE) disclosed in Parliament that more than…
    1 hour ago

    A Crisis Of Morality And Education – Kashmir Reader

    Materialism, corporate influence and government inefficiency have led to a breakdown in the examination system,…
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    1 hour ago

    Sri Lanka and Bangladesh win, move closer to semifinal berth at Women’s Asia Cup 2024 | Cricket News

    NEW DELHI: The Women’s Asia Cup T20 tournament witnessed two contrasting matches on Monday, with…

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      16 hours ago

      FM, please close the dragon’s maw

      When GOI presents its Budget 2024 tomorrow, what would be really useful is a focus on forging a new economic…
      2 days ago

      Nepal’s never-ending power flips, and why India needs a new strategy

      As another political drama unfolds in Kathmandu, Nepal’s transition from a constitutional monarchy to a federal democratic republic looks unending…
      3 days ago

      Guru is an embodiment of compassion

      -By Yogi Balkrishna The phenomenal world operates on the principle of cause and effect; every effect results from a preceding…
      3 days ago

      Examining the evidence supporting existence of God

      – By Anandmurti Gurumaa The age-old question of the existence of God has perennially divided humanity into two distinct camps:…
      3 days ago

      What India’s colleges, unis don’t need from Budget

      Cometh the Union budget, cometh the chorus amongst academics to allocate 6% to GDP on education. But education is on…
      4 days ago

      The election message for industry

      Results of Lok Sabha elections damaged reputations of a number of pollsters, whose flawed exit poll results attracted much opprobrium.…

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