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PIMMS — the gin-based cocktail — is a favourite. Fans love Alcaraz but boy, do they adore Sir Richard Attenborough! Several such delightful utterances from mic-ed up tennis spectators form the crux of Overheard at #Wimbledon, a newly-introduced capsule by Wimbledon’s social media team. Its tagline reads ‘The content you never knew you needed’, and it’s the ideal armchair viewing for those who love the aura and charm that comes with this annual tennis spectacle. Brit humour is in full flow — understated, dry and sometimes, unpredictable, like the (in)famous English weather. While some might cry foul because fans are mic-ed up where these 90-second capsules are not purely unscripted, but if you’re a true fan, you will never tire of the good stuff on the hallowed green turf.

Log on to: @Wimbledon

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