Government Warns Of “Transnational Scam”

Users are advised not to click on suspicious links.

Technologically proficient con artists now have an easier time targeting victims as the age of machine learning and artificial intelligence infiltrate every part of people’s lives, both personal and professional. Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting smartphone users nationwide because of the many false calls and texts they get. Scammers even create fake websites, tricking unsuspecting users with graphics.

The Indian government’s cyber agency, Cyberdost, has sent a warning regarding a new fraud that targets iPhone users exclusively. As per Cyberdost, messages are being sent over iMessage to iPhone users informing them that a wrong address is preventing a package from being delivered.

Cyberdost’s tweet states: “New Transnational #Scam Alert: #iPhone users are learnt to be receiving scam messages via #iMessage regarding package / courier from random accounts. Clicking on suspicious links may be avoided and read receipts may be disabled for such messages.”

The fraudulent message urges recipients to respond within 24 hours to avoid the parcel being returned, and includes a web link. Cyberdost warns that this is a scam, and clicking the link could lead to becoming a victim. They advise reporting such messages and refraining from clicking on suspicious links. Additionally, users should never share their bank account information or send money to unknown individuals.

Important Tips to Avoid This Scam

  • Do not click on links in suspicious messages.
  • Disable read receipts for messages from unknown senders.
  • Legitimate companies will not pressure you to respond urgently or threaten to return a package.
  • Never share your bank account information or send money to unknown individuals.

It is advised that you report such messages to the appropriate authorities if you come across them. iPhone users can help safeguard themselves against falling for this phishing scam by adhering to these measures.

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